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Agile Expat by Denis Salnikov
3 min readApr 11, 2018

Hello again!

Last time I have shared my top list of Medium blogs about Agile and everything related. One of the things I like about Medium is an option to receive an automatic newsletter with all new blog posts from your favourite authors. But not all authors use this platform, and there is still a huge amount of useful content that can be delivered straight to your inbox.

Please welcome my list of newsletters about Agile:

  1. Food for Agile Thought. My personal #1 subscription offering “the best news and insights for agile software development, product management, and lean methodologies” straight to your inbox once per week. Created and curated by Stefan Wolpers, it has already accumulated over 15,000 active subscribers from all around the world. Definitely must have!
  2. Hands-on Agile. Besides offering the great hand curated mailing subscription, Age of Product team has also created an awesome Slack community. It offers a possibility to subscribe to the weekly mailing list by Paperbot, which contains all links and articles that have been mentioned in Slack throughout the week.
  3. Email tips from Mike Cohn’s blog. Mike Cohn is an important and respected person in the Agile community. He is also an author of a blog that offers lots of useful practical tips and ideas about the process of “doing” Agile and Scrum. If you don’t have time or possibility to check up his blog from time to time, you can subscribe to the Email tips mailing list and get Mike’s top articles in your inbox once in a while.
  4. newsletter. Yeah, I know, not of you may apply Scrum with your teams, but keeping one’s finger on the pulse has never heart nobody. Being delivered once per month, this newsletter offers latest updates, case studies and webinars announcements held and/or offered by
  5. Corporate Rebels. Group of enthusiasts searching for the ways to improve working conditions and get rid of boredom at work. They offer you valuable insights into the working culture of top successful companies from all around the world. Featured in: NY Times, Forbes, HuffPost, Guardian, BBC. Listed as “Top 30 Emergent Management Thinkers” and nominated for Thinkers50 Breakthrough Idea Award.
  6. Management 3.0. I really like the job Management 3.0 does, since I have always set the goal to create not only transparent and efficient but also a joyful working environment in all teams and companies I have worked with. It doesn’t matter if you have time to listen to their awesome “Happiness at Work” podcast or not, you should consider subscribing to their newsletter.
  7. Liberating Structures. I had heard about Liberating Structures for the first time from Christiaan Verwijs (whose Medium blog has already been mentioned in the previous article) when he was a guest in the Scrum Master Toolbox podcast. Since that moment I am an active user of LS in activities I facilitate and ready to recommend them to all of you. So far, the best one for me is TRIZ. Oh, yes, and of course you can subscribe to their newsletter, too!

Thanks for reading! If you have some other interesting mailing lists about Agile and related topics not mentioned here, feel free to let me and others know in the comments below. Feel free to clap! ;)

Have a nice day!



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