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Agile Expat by Denis Salnikov
2 min readApr 1, 2018

Hello everybody!

Thanks for reading my posts and even clapping from time to time!

In this series I would like to share my list of the resources I regularly use to learn more about Agile and specifically Scrum, keeping my knowledge up-to-date. Today I’m going to share with you my list of top-5 podcasts.


In my opinion, podcasts are one of the most easy-to-use resources to learn more. My iTunes subscriptions contain lots of interesting material in such topics as history, philosophy, literature, languages, sports, etc.. Of course, there are also lots of materials about Agile and everything related. I prefer to listen to the following ones during my daily commute or just in any other spare time:

  1. Scrum Master Toolbox podcast. (iTunes/Stitcher) Very convenient format of 10–15 minutes long dialogues five times per week about Scrum and Agile. New guest each week. Same topics that help to uncover experience and real cases from Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches practice all around the world.
  2. Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman. (iTunes/Stitcher) One of the best podcasts I have ever heard. Though being mostly about entrepreneurship and start-ups, it gives a lot of great insights about the true meaning of being agile (without even mentioning the A word) from CEOs and founders of Facebook, Airbnb, Netflix and many others.
  3. Happy Melly’s “Happiness at Work” podcast. (iTunes/Stitcher) Being curated by Management 3.0, this podcast is mainly about happiness at work and creating workplaces of the future. Happy Melly’s guests provide lots of useful insights that may help you to create the safe environment and foster collaboration and self-organization.
  4. Leading Agile SoundNotes. (iTunes/Stitcher) Field notes format podcast that covers the wide variety of topics about Agile, Organisational Transformation, etc. based on rich practice and experience of Leading Agile experts and their clients.
  5. Agile Toolkit podcast. (iTunes) While being published not so often, this podcast offers lots of interesting content, mainly conversations with top Agile speakers at conferences.

Thanks for reading! If you have some interesting podcasts about Agile and related topics not mentioned here, please let me know in the comments. The next article in the series will be about my top list Medium blogs.



Agile Expat by Denis Salnikov

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